In April 2016 we performed this "modern classic" by Stephen Sondheim & George Furth.


What does a guy do when he’s got three girlfriends, all his friends are couples and it’s his 35th birthday? Find out in this trailblazing musical comedy.  

It’s 1970s Manhattan and Robert is unable to make a commitment of his own as he observes the ups and downs of his friends’ relationships. 

‘Company’ featured a brilliantly brisk and energetic score containing many of Sondheim's most celebrated songs.


Production Team

Director / Choreographer - Kevin Proctor
Musical Director - Steven Mercer



ROBERT: Thomas Guest

his girlfriends;

APRIL: Sarah Peach

MARTA: Stephanie Niland

KATHY: Kirsty Hatton

the couples;

SARAH / HARRY: Laura Aremia / Rob Haslam

SUSAN / PETER: Philippa Shellard / Andrew Ryder

JENNY / DAVID: Celia McGoldrick / Patrick Massey
AMY / PAUL: Hannah Davis / Alex Re
JOANNE / LARRY: Nicola Smythe / RIchard Townhill
all other parts;
Stephenson Ardern-Sodje, Nadine Arditti, Chris Auger, Rosie Barnes, Michelle Drayton, Eleanor Ford, Louise Hussay, David Leathlean, Louise Morgan, Lynne Nicoll