The New World - A Musical Revue

Place – everywhere

Time  - always

Have you ever looked around whilst in a public place and wondered about the people who surround you.  Every single person has a story to tell and we know so few of them. The New World is an abstract look at three different relationships and their journeys through tricky decisions, exciting adventures and new futures.  For one moment they are united before they continue on their way never to connect again as happens so much in our lives. 


Production Team

Director - Jessica Lloyd
Musical Director - Tom Guest 
Production Manager - Ben Thomas
Choreographers - Hannah Davis & Sally Ballantyne





Man - Tim Wood
Woman - Emma Corrigan
Seymour - Ben Thomas
Jamie - Dave Barker
Singer 2 - Eleanor Ford
  Girl - Katie Cheetham
Sarah - Sarah Peach
Singer 1 - Anna Cowell
Singer 3 - Liz McKearney


Zoe Jordan
Jennifer McCaig
Tim Collier
Juliet Bowers
Vikki Brunning
Sarah James
Jen Newman
Beth Naylor
  Matt Holker
Louise Hussey
Nadine Arditti
Lynne Nicoll
Chris Auger
Sally Ballantyne
Sam McVaigh