Once Bitten

In October 2011 South Manchester AOS performed "Once Bitten", a life-changing story about Zac a shy geeky vampire set at Halloween with a pop-fuelled score and a monsterous chorus.

The story is a journey of stolen kisses, cross dressing and vampire-hunting soul singers where self-belief is what really counts.

Once Bitten was written by long time friend of South Manchester AOS Richard Townhill, collaborating with lyricist Joanna Marshall.

It was originally performed in October 2001 in Edinburgh to great acclaim.  Years later, Richard worked with South Manchester AOS actor Ross Keeping to "revamp" the musical (pardon the pun).

Richard and Ross set about writing new dialogue and songs and a new Once Bitten was born.  South Manchester AOS jumped at the chance to be the first to perform the new show!


Production Team

Director - Ross Keeping

Musical Director & Book - Richard Townhill

  Choreographer - Lisa Bradshaw

Lyrics by Joanna Marshall and Ross Keeping


Zac, naturally geeky mycologist - Ed Owens   Max, Vampire Council member - Tim Collier
Val, Vampire Council member - Eleanor Ford  

Bella, sweet dreamer - Justine Moore

Syd, sarcastic lesbian - Siobhan O'Leary Donkin   Cindy, giggly and superficial - Margaret Matthews
Buffy Van Helsing, badass vampire slayer - Lela Rose  

Flash, a legend.. In his own mind - Dominic Penney

The Vampettes, Bex Keeping, Marie McNulty and Christina Demetriou   Biff, Chav & Grunt, Flash's crew - Peter Moseley, Dan Argent and Gareth Brewerton

Priest - Sam McVaigh


Sam - David Barker

Party Guests:

Zoe Jordan

Michelle Whewell

Chris Drayton

James Robinson

Jen Nobbs

Lou Morgan

Ben Thomas

Mark Langan

Oliver Bird

  Party Guests:

Emma Toms

Juliette Bowers

Chris Auger

Matt Holker

Lynne Nicoll

Nadine Arditti

Heloise Graham

Andy Pilkington

Peter Roberts